What's the deal with deadstock?

Reclaimed Fabric 101

Deadstock or reclaimed fabric are rolls of surplus, outdated, miscolored, or slightly damaged textiles big manufacturers are no longer willing to use. All of the textiles we use are usually shipped from abroad to be disposed of in the Philippines, or leftover from outsourced manufacturing houses here.

As much as 15% of textiles end up on the cutting room floor and sent to landfills, adding to the waste generated by apparel producers.

What's so special about it?

Using deadstock diverts waste that can sit around for years and years in a garment factory, piling up and waiting to be thrown away.

So, that also means…

Using deadstock fabric means two things: 1. We can price our items low and make eco-fashion accessible to everyday people, and 2. Our supplies come in limited quantities, and our fabric colors will often change as stocks come and go.

If you see a color you want, our advice is to act fast because it might not be around for long!

What else?

Sustainability is something we try to incorporate in everything we do, not just how we source our fabric. We use no pollutants, and try to waste little in the cutting of our fabrics. We only work with small, local garment houses near Manila to keep our circles close. Our packaging is minimal, using recycled paper kraft bags and boxes to make sure our items generate as little waste as possible. And, we design outside of trends, in an effort to make sure our pieces last long even as the seasons pass.

Developing the means to lengthen the life cycle of your clothes is one of our long-term goals, but while we're still working on ways to develop better eco-fashion, we're encouraging our customers to either donate their unwanted clothes or send them to their nearest fabric recycler.

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